Inter.B conducts studies of strategic nature to support both high-level planning and decision-making, and new business development (including mergers and acquisitions). Inter.B also prepares economic and regulatory analysis with respect to infrastructure, manufacturing industry commodities (including mining and metals), and oil and gas.

Strategic Consultancy and Economic Studies

Inter.Bsupports clients with "tailor made" studies, responding to demands that typically require both a view of the global and the Brazilian economy, and in-depth knowledge of specific sectors.  Advice is based on dominant trends and benchmarks of different industries, as well as the ability to build scenarios and help decisions of high complexity by both management and the board of companies. Inter.B also conducts studies for international organizations, governments and sub-national entities.

Evaluation of Public Policy and Regulatory Analysis in Infrastructure

 Inter.B has developed in recent years a strong practice in the evaluation of public policies and economic regulations in the infrastructure sector, including antitrust and other related dimensions, providing advice to both government and business. Inter.B developed an infrastructure database and a methodology that allows investment projections for a 3-5 year horizon.

Financial Economic Advice in M&A Transactions

Inter.B has been active for nearly two decades in providing advice for firms involved in transactions, ranging from high-level advice to the nuts-and-bolts of valuation, market analysis, price projections, and the drafting of business plans.