Founded in 1991 by Claudio Frischtak, a former Principal Economist for Industry and Energy of the World Bank, Inter.B Consultoria Internacional de Negócios (Inter.B) offers financial and strategic advisory, and economic consultancy for management and board of firms, investors and institutions. Inter.B also produces economic and regulatory analysis for local and foreign investors with respect to infrastructure, with an emphasis on the transportation sector, commodities, and oil and gas. The work of Inter.B highly qualified professionals is grounded on a solid culture based on the principles of transparency and accountability, and the quality and integrity of the deliverables.


In 2013, Inter.B, together with ILOS (Instituto de Logística e Supply Chain) and Tendências (Tendências Consultoria Integrada), constituted a consortium to jointly  offer advisory services n the infrastructure logistics sector. The goal is to support service providers and users of infrastructure assets with strategic, technical and financial advice, focusing on concessions and privatizations, and the shifting policy and regulatory environment.